Supporting Cultures…Building Futures

Our mission is to use technology and smart business models to reduce the cost of delivering key services to low-income communities in both rural and urban Nepal. If you feel you have a technology or business proposition that could be used in our target sectors listed below, the Dolma Development Fund could be an ideal route to help you enter the growing Nepali marketplace.

  • Off-grid renewables
    • Micro-hydro
    • Distributed Solar (power and heat)
    • Wind
  • Connectivity
    • Remote internet and mobile connectivity
  • Education
    • Culturally-empowering private schools
    • Interactive, remote education
  • Culture
    • Ecotourism
    • Craft production
  • Healthcare
    • Facilities/medicine
    • Mobile units
    • Telemedicine
  • Water and sanitation

For more information, please contact Shabda Gyawali (