Supporting Cultures…Building Futures

How We Started

One of the most influential figures in starting the Dolma Development Fund in 2003 was the girl who donated her name to the Fund. Dolma is from the village of Bridim and was 9 years old when she and her family met Tim Gocher with their bright smiles and effortless hospitality. She became the first child to receive a Dolma Development Fund scholarship.

Dolma in 2003

Dolma starting her education in 2003

Dolma in 2011

Dolma backed by the Tibetan Himalayas in 2011

She had had no real schooling. As the Nepali national curriculum normally starts at 6 years old, if she hadn’t started school then it would probably have been too late. Her hard work and dedication has proven to us and the many Fund-sponsored students that came after her, just what was possible. She consistently comes in the top four of her class, and is due to graduate in 2013. She inspired the Dolma Development Fund to develop sustainable methods to alleviate poverty and improve living standards in our partner communities in a way that respects and strengthens their cultural heritage.

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